Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of ‘Typing’ Status on WhatsApp

Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of ‘Typing’ Status on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a message sending software that has not been used by people so far. The WhatsApp application is not only used to send messages.

Until now, WhatsApp has always added or developed software to send messages with as many features. Some of the features that can currently be utilized by users like video calls in groups, creating status, group phones, and so forth.

Utilizing the main benefits of WhatsApp, there are also features that we usually feel when sending this message. Yes, where when you send a message, of course there is the position ‘Typing’ or ‘Currently Typing’. Apparently, for some people feel not comfortable enough with this position.

Yes, actually the benefit of the position is to understand the people we send messages are answering our messages or vice versa. When the partner we’re sending the message to, then immediately responds, then we find the position of ‘Typing’ or ‘Typing’.

Usually people who are not comfortable with this position. That is because it has been waiting quite a long time for what message is being typed, but apparently there is no message sent. This can be the prospective sender of the message is confused about what to reply to the message. So that makes it assume to arrange words and so forth. Until present ‘Typing’ or ‘Typing’.

Now we can get rid of the ‘Typing’ or ‘Currently Typing’ position using the application. Here are the tricks to get rid of the ‘Currently Typing’ position on your WhatsApp.

Tricks to Eliminate the Status ‘Typing’ on WhatsApp

Indeed, this trick is not directly in the WhatsApp software settings. we need a third party software to launch this trick.

There are several software that can be used. Like WhatsApp Plus, OG WhatsApp, or GB WhatsApp. But this time has outlined the trick to get rid of the ‘Currently Typing’ position using WhatsApp Plus software.

Download and Install the WhatsApp Plus Application
The first thing you must do is

1. Download the WhatsApp Plus software.

2. After we download this software, next is to install the application.

3. Before installing the WhtasAppPlus software, make sure we uninstall the WhatsApp software. This is because the WhtasApp Plus software cannot install if there is still a WhatsApp software.

4. Before uninstalling the WhatsApp software, make sure you have also backed up the data contained in WhatsApp.

5. After the new uninstall you can install WhatsApp Plus.

6. If you already have WhatsApp Plus software, then enter the software and enter your WhatsApp number that is commonly used.

7. If you have, you can deactivate the ‘Currently Typing’ position which can be selected in the menu item at the top right.

8. Enter ‘Privacy’ setup and look for ‘Writing Status’ option.

9. You can choose to remove this typing position from individual contacts or from groups as well.

10. If you have, the ‘Typing’ position has disappeared and people will no longer be able to see the status.

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