Rick And Morty Season 4 Gets Release Date

It has been a very long wait, but after over a year of anticipation, we know if Rick and Morty Season 4 will premiere. The new year’s launch date is set for Sunday, November 10 on Adult Swim, and the very first trailer was released.

The trailer and date were shown together in a tweet in your official Adult Swim account. The voucher delivers a humorous, nonstop barrage of crazy scenarios for the intrepid dimension-hopping pair, such as aliens, robots, mutations, and experiments gone horribly wrong.

The first five episodes of Season 4 will arrive this season, although the second half is set to premiere in 2020. But while there’ll be a small gap until we can observe the remainder of Season 4, co-creator Dan Harmon has assured that fans won’t ever have to wait so long as they’ve because Season 3, that conducted straight back in 2017.

At a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly,” Harmon explained:”I think it’s safe to say with no fear of being wrong the gap between Seasons 4 and 3 is going to probably be the longest and final time that it is so long that it is absurd. I really don’t understand how quickly we could do it, but I know that it will not be so long again.

“There have been so many things that needed to be settled before we started Season 4, and it is very safe to say we are literally composing Season 5 while completing Season 4 only to compel ourselves to dedicate to a particular program.”

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