Ford Mustang Shelby GT350r Review

Shelby GT350r comes with a rough design from the previous generation. Not only the design, but also the engine performance is much better. Ford Mustang Shelby GT350r is included in the ranks of the best sports Carsstudios. The handling capacity is very good with agile acceleration. This style has also become cooler, so this car is very popular after its launch.

Specifications Ford Mustang Shelby GT350r

The type of engine used by Shelby GT350r is premium V-8 with a capacity of 5.0L. The output is 460 HP / 7000 rpm. While the maximum torque value is 440 Nm / 4,600 rpm. The transmission of this car is a 6-speed manual with overdrive. The engine has 8 cylinders with 32 valves. The driving mode is rear-wheel drive.

The front suspension uses a front support, while the rear is multi-link. Unfortunately, in the sports car class, fuel consumption is not the best. The EPA for a trip to the city is 15 mpg. Meanwhile, for a road trip, he got 24 mpg. The total tank capacity for this car is 16 gal. But still, this is an average among all sports cars.

The outside

The body shape is fastback. The front has a black grille, just like the bumper. Almost all parts have the same color as the body, including the rearview mirror and the door handles. In addition, Ford added 3D effects to make it look more futuristic. The headlights and fog lights are designed to be elegant and crisp.


The entire GT series has a passenger capacity of 4 people. But unlike the GT350r fastback, which only consists of 1 row of seats, so it can only accommodate 2 people. The front seats allow long trips so that drivers and passengers do not tire easily. The cabin is very well designed and covered with premium leather.

The car’s function is also updated with the SYNC system, so it is not outdated. In addition, there is an 8-inch touch screen with several menus that seem simple to make it easy to use. You can integrate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to make the travel environment more enjoyable. It also has a 9 speaker audio system, Wi-Fi, navigation system and Bluetooth.


Existing brake systems in the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350r include 4-wheel ABS, 4-wheel disc brakes, brake assist, stability control, DRL, traction control and airbags. In total there are 6 airbags for passengers, driver, front head, rear head and front. Meanwhile, the security system consists of an alarm, an anti-theft system and a backup camera.


Ford Shelby GT350r is sold at the most expensive price, which is $ 27,100. Unlike the basic level of the Ford Mustang engine that came out in the same year, which is $ 21,100. This is related to Shelby’s performance, engine status, features and the best fuel consumption capacity among all versions.

An interesting fact about this sports car is the affordable maintenance cost. Users only spend about $ 5,540 per year. This price is very cheap compared to other sports cars. Ford Mustangs that leave less than 5 years generally have the same level of equipment. The difference lies only in its most modern features in the latest production.

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