Five Applications Provide Top iPhone Wallpapers Backgrounds

Changing wallpaper on the iPhone or iPad is a common activity for most Apple product users. Today, many users are looking for the top iPhone wallpapers backgrounds from various applications available on the internet.

Top iPhone wallpapers backgrounds

The main goal of changing wallpapers backgrounds is to make the home screen look fresher. Here are some wallpaper applications that you can download for your home screen background.

1. Unsplash

You can download the Unsplash for iOS application for free. Unsplash has a Login with account feature, search mode, series of themes, fast download mode, and Share Extension.

Unfortunately, most images on Unsplash come in a horizontal format. Though to be used as a Smartphone wallpaper, the most comfortable is an upright image.

The solution is that you can use view-based keywords to search for good images on Unsplash, such as the keywords “Mountain”, Earth “, and others.

2. Background

Background apps use a photo catalogue that comes from Unsplash. The main difference is a more minimalist look and timeline mode.

Downloading images is also fast and easy – just press and hold the touch above the image. This app has in-app purchase content to remove ads, download higher resolution images and more.

3. Vellum

Vellum is an iPhone wallpaper provider app with several themes and complete modes. This application provides a selection of cool phone wallpapers in portrait mode suitable for all types and sizes of iPhone.

The best feature in Vellum is a preview with examples of Lock-screen and Home-screen display, Blur mode and many others.

Five Applications Provide Top iPhone Wallpapers Backgrounds

4. Clarity Wallpaper

Shown in a minimalist style, Clarity Wallpaper has very complete features. You can use the search feature, edit mode and view various wallpapers shared by the Clarity Wallpaper team.

This free iPhone background app also provides image editing mode. You can use this feature to edit images to be downloaded as well as images from Camera Roll.

Edit mode has several categories, ranging from modifying colours and other minor details, making Blur mode and also Frame for Lock-screen.

5. Patternator Live Wallpapers

Patternator Live Wallpapers have a different way for downloaded images. In this application, you can take pictures and cut certain parts that you want to be made into patterns.

The iPhone wallpapers application will then ask you to choose a background colour and save. You can also save images from this application into Live Photos or Videos. Not all wallpapers downloaded are categorized as the top iPhone wallpaper cute backgrounds. However, the five wallpaper applications above are the most popular for iPhone users at the moment. Don’t forget to share with friends if this article is useful.