Best Tips For a Better You on Your Wedding Day

Before your wedding, you want to relax, want to know that everything is in good hands and that you can relax during the day and present yourself suddenly, stay in the right place, say that I often do and kiss your bride. But there is a path that leads to this feeling of Zen marriage, and I know people hate asking directions on any road even metaphorical, so I have a map for you. These are just three simple tips, but they help, oh boy, they never help!

Get involved !!!

I can’t stress it enough! Be involved in the planning process. You don’t need to learn the smallest details of all of them. But attending a decorating meeting, express your opinion and be heard. That way you know there will be no surprises when you enter your reception. Rose leans everywhere! !! I want all our bridesmaids to wear the same shoes, it sounds simple enough, but only I feel it. I get my opinion and everyone wears the same shoes when I introduce myself. It makes sense to me, the same clothes = the same shoes. Then, attend each meeting with your planner, visit the venue, help choose a menu, find a DJ, help choose music for your first dance ceremony and song. It’s not difficult and can also be fun. Also, you can get in touch with your bride and they like it!

Treat yourself, it’s okay and you deserve it

This should only apply if you help the planning process, if you do the work you can get rewarded. But let’s go because I know you will step in and get involved. Pamper might sound silly, but the only other sentence I can think of is “eating” and that sounds silly to me. Arrange massages for yourself and your bride, and make monthly appointments if you want. This will relax you during planning and marriage. Set aside for a manicure, make sure your wedding nail designs are beautiful for a wedding, because you know your hand and ring will be taken, there’s nothing worse than nail biting. Cut your hair a few weeks before the wedding, but find a great hairdresser and get full care while doing this, get a warm cloth massage and a real razor. You can order other facial and massage services on the morning of your wedding to release the remaining tension. Up to you.

There is fantasy and then there is fantasy, you must be the last

I always talk to you about fantasy. And this problem will not be different! HA. Whether you buy a costume or rent a costume, you must “own” the costume. Make sure it fits … correctly. The shoulders rested on his shoulders and the jacket hugged his chest. If you feel comfortable with your clothes, it will appear and you will feel better all day, believe me, I know a few things! Make your own add your own clothes, NEVER wear patent leather leather shoes, other sweaty men have never been there !!! Add your own accessories such as cufflinks, pocket boxes, and killer watches. You will feel better knowing that when people tell you that you look good, they think so and not only good. And if you feel better, that day will be better than you think, of course, you might need to disturb the party because your bride wants to take you back to your room, but that’s the downside. be “very handsome” and stylish!

Gutsy Groom’s Advice

Feeling good can happen to you in different ways. But it has been proven that if you feel good, other people around you will feel better and you will be the best man in the room, well, the last one is not fact … but all the men I style are safe. Take time to feel good, it must be every day, but especially before your wedding. Less stress is good.

Whatever it is, you must be involved in the planning process. I know you are busy and maybe tired, but this is an event that should only happen once in a lifetime and you have to do as much as possible. And again, believe me, your wife will realize it and you will become better with it (wink, wink, poke, poke)

And on the last note, NEVER have a deer or other themed event to drink on the day before your wedding. Seriously, I’ll meet you and walk down the aisle next to you, wondering if “you want chunks of fat pork served in a dirty ashtray”. This marriage costs a lot of money, you love your wife and all these people come to see you do it. So be respectful not to be taken care of the day before, this makes sense, but we are men and always “oh, everything will be fine tomorrow”. Well, no, you might not, and you don’t want to smell alcohol or throw up on someone, so leave the silly juice and sleep well.

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