There are so many teacher majors. Some teacher training majors are favorite for many students. However, do you know that one of the majors that is not in great demand is an extraordinary education department? Though majoring in this has many benefits, lo. Come on, see what are the benefits.

1. Getting various knowledge from various majors

Various sciences from various majors are obtained when majoring in outside education can be. You can get a variety of general knowledge that must be studied in this department. Various sciences such as English, Indonesian, citizenship, religious education, entrepreneurship, basic natural sciences, and several other sciences.

In addition to general knowledge from various majors, you will also learn about basic science of education. This science is very important to know how to teach and deal with various students with special needs. Sciences such as epistemology and educational logic, educational evaluation, education management, educational science, educational logic, basic science and social studies, basic mathematics, curriculum development, socio-anthropological education, national education, educational psychology, and others. Source:

Knowledge about educating children with special needs will also be studied. It all depends on the type of major you are going to take. This science is very important because students who will be faced need different handling. Knowledge learned about general orthopedagogics, orthodidactics, education of blind children to gifted children, self-development and mobility, introduction to braille, special needs education technology, assessment of special needs children, play and occupational therapy, sensomotoric, and others.

2. Opportunity to do good

After completing the extraordinary education department, you will teach or be directly involved with various children with special needs. By becoming a teacher for children with special needs, you give them the opportunity to get an education. Teaching, educating, and turning these ‘outstanding’ students into achievements is a good deed that you can give when you become their teacher.

3. Greater employment opportunities

The issue of disability and children with special needs is a major concern for the government and society. As a result, the creation of great job opportunities for special education majors. In addition, the emergence of many inclusive schools that specifically accept students with special needs adds to the opportunity to work.

The extraordinary education department is a quiet department of interested people. Therefore, the opportunity to get a bigger job. The opportunity to be accepted as a civil servant is also greater. You don’t need to compete with many people to graduate.

4. Practice patience

Another benefit of majoring in extraordinary education is that you can practice patience. With limited abilities, you facilitate children with special needs to get proper education. You are also responsible for facilitating developing students’ potential. Teaching regular students with students who have limitations must be different. You are required to adjust their abilities when teaching.

5. More sensitive and concerned with people with special needs

One of the benefits of taking an extraordinary education major is that you will be more sensitive and easy to empathize with children who have limitations. You will meet students who are deaf (deaf), visually impaired (blind), physical (physical), mental retardation (psychological), autism, and others. They need special handling.

When you help them, you will see their struggle in facing their limitations. At that time a sense of care and empathy for them will grow and actually increase. You will also get to know their potential because they are directly involved in helping them get an education. Source:

This is the benefit you will get when you decide to major in extraordinary education. Still hesitant to take this major? Hopefully this article can answer your doubts.

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