Benefits of Black Rice for Health

Benefits of Black Rice for Health

Rice is a staple food that can be easily visited in Indonesia. Not only white rice, there are not a few kinds of rice that are ready to fill and nourish your body. Starting from brown rice, brown rice, to black rice.

Many are not very familiar with black rice. Even though black rice is a legacy of Indonesia’s ancestors. Even the taste of rice from black rice is considered better and fluffier than white rice or brown rice.

Although the appearance is not appetizing enough, black rice has a healthy benefits. Whole grains of black rice protect all their natural characteristics because this rice does not go through the whitening process.

Next up is black rice

Make the heart healthy
The benefits of the first black rice is heart health. Based on information from the study, eating black rice is effective to minimize the risk of blood clots in the arteries.

The phytochemical content in it also serves to oversee the level of cholesterol in the body. So that these two combinations are good for warding off heart disease. Black rice has been shown to play a role in counteracting high blood pressure and reducing the formation of atherosclerotic plaque in the heart’s blood vessels.

Eating black rice can minimize the risk of atherclerosis, or hardening of the arterial wall. In addition, the use of black rice also improves heart health by minimizing LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol.

Detoxify the body
The next benefit of black rice is that it can detox the body. The study decided that black rice is good in the body’s detoxification process. This is caused because black rice can wash the liver of toxins and the content of phytonutrients in it is effective to minimize inflammation.

So the use of black rice plays a very urgent role in supporting liver health. This is caused by the antioxidant content in black rice. As one of the largest organs in the body, the liver plays an important role in the body’s detoxification process.

By eating black rice, the liver will be helped in removing toxic substances with phytonutrients. These phytonutrients are useful for minimizing oxidative stress in the body, as well as helping to repair and enhance the benefits of each tissue.

Healthy digestion
The next benefit of black rice is that it can make digestion healthy. Black rice is rich in fiber which helps in warding off constipation, bloating, diarrhea, and other digestive disorders. Black rice also helps in lowering GI levels in the blood.

The fiber contained in black rice can help increase bowel movements. Even with high doses, fiber can counteract the absorption of toxic substances and flush them out of the body.

Prevent diabetes
Eating black rice in an orderly manner is effective in minimizing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Because, again, the benefits of black rice are effective for reducing blood sugar levels.

Black rice takes longer to digest. This has a protective effect on the digestive system while keeping blood sugar levels constant. Therefore, the use of black rice in the diet also helps manage pre-diabetes, because the sugar content is also low.

In addition, the glycemic index (GI) of black rice is low when compared to white rice. Therefore, black rice can increase diabetes control and minimize the risk of heart disease.

Prevent obesity
Furthermore, the use of black rice is to prevent obesity. Research indicates that eating black rice can prevent insulin resistance is associated with an increased risk of obesity. If you are on a diet and bosa with brown rice, you can replace it with black rice consumption.

Even eating black rice to lose weight indicates better results than brown rice, because the texture is denser and richer in fiber.

Moreover, low-calorie black rice to the point that it will make you feel full longer. In addition, black rice helps to control calorie intake and consequently protects obesity in the long run.

Black rice is a special rice or superior rice that was consumed by all kings of yore. In addition, black rice has a feature of good taste, fluffier and fragrant. Not surprisingly, only an option farmer can grow black rice.

Black rice is the opposite of black sticky rice. This species is cultivated in the fields, cannot be in the fields, and requires cool air like on the slopes of Mount Merapi. Planting must also be avoided from land that has been mixed with inorganic fertilizer.

With so many features and uses that exist in black rice, it will not be a loss if you consume them regularly. Especially for you who are on a diet program.

Eating black rice would be surprising at first. But to be healthier than a plate of black rice will be

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